Due to the weather...

Tomorrow I was supposed to shoot two models at Coney Island from a big agency in NYC. Unfortunately, I have to postpone because of the projected thunder storms. I don't normally shoot outdoors, so learning that having to rely on good weather is such a major buzzkill.  Luckily, the  agency's booker was super cool about postponing the shoot date for the models' safety. Crossing my fingers for next week!


style change

having only started photographer a year ago, it took me quite a while to figure out what my "style" is. i dabbled here and there trying new concepts, lighting, techniques, equipment, etc.  i was told by many photographers "you have a greater advantage if you have a set style", but honestly, i just wanted to be great at everything. time passed and i kept experimenting. my so called "style" eventually came to form. i enjoyed color, texture, and beauty. i wanted to do what no one else has done before. i wanted to come up with completely original themes. however, it became a bit to avant garde. i knew that my style would not end up as a marketable one. with the goal of becoming a fashion photographer, i recently decided that i could configure my shooting style to just that. fashion. strictly fashion with MY twist. i want elegant, high fashion, edgy photos with a pop of color. i feel as though that defines me best. i am very excited about this change and excited that i have many people on board to guide me through it. Here is a photos of my first photoshoot ever in march of 2014 and my most recent photoshoot in nyc with msa models. im liking the difference...

support systems

this is probably going to be a super sappy post. whatever. i was driving home from a client meeting the other day and thought to myself 'i really wish my grandpa was here to watch me succeed and accomplish my goals'. it actually brought me to tears. growing up, my grandparents were always supporters of pretty much all my life choices. they knew i was weird, still, they accepted it... though my grandma is silently loathing my choice of hair color (currently blue, that will more than likely change soon) not once have they been unsupportive about decisions ive made for myself.  my grandpa, in particular, always made me feel like i was worth a trillion and a half bucks. he made me feel like anything was possible and that hard work really does pay off. this last year ive worked by ass off. i just wish he was here to see it. luckily, i have a great set of parents and other family members that help fill that void. i recently told my parents that i will not be going back to school next semester to pursue my career in photography. they were nothing but extremely supportive.  people who believe in me make me try THAT much harder to push myself and succeed. people who doubt me...well, they make me do the exact same thing. ;)

behind the scenes

today I realized that I don't often take behind the scenes photos of my crew. I believe it is very important to credit the entire production team and their efforts in making a photo what it ends up being. my whole kitchen turn into a hair and makeup studio. Today's shoot is very different than what I'm used to. more about that later... 


making it happen

this morning, i found this on timehop. 


instant gratification. let's start with a back story. for a long long time, i never felt like I had a talent... something that made me, well, me. no skill. my sister has always been a fantastic artist, winning many awards all her life. she is also an incredible singer. both of my brothers are very fit and athletic. I tried sports.. tore both acls and menisci. i dabbled here and there with plenty of things, personal training being one of those things. i thought that I would forever be defined as the fit one of the family. things soon changed after my knee issues got worse. apparently running 5 miles a day is terrible for your knees (sarcasm) i did it anyway. i soon picked up modeling. I did enjoy transforming my personality  into different characters but it was extremely hard to find photographers that wanted to create art. most of them wanted ass ass ass ass. i had all these idea that I wanted to shoot but no one to shoot them. so i decided that i wanted to buy a camera. 6 months later, i did. it was the best decision I've ever made. life changing. it took me quite a while to be comfortable calling myself a photographer, but i can say with full confidence that I am proud of the accomplishments i've made this last year and truly appreciate the fact that photography makes me... me!

finding a studio space

as a new photographer, i am anxious to find a studio. i am not completely sure it is even the right idea for a student. being only 24, i dont know the first thing about opening up a store front location. ive looked into (actual) studio spaces, industrial offices and warehouses, other living situation that could make a studio happen, etc. affordable/practical spaces are no where to be found. but for what its worth, could you tell that 90% of my photos where taken in my living room? ;)


makeup and photography

recently, i started taking makeup classes with makeup by dilieto in new haven ct. it took me months and months to find the right time and opportunity to take up a makeup class but i can say with complete confidence that i am glad i did! many women, both models and clients, often ask me if i can provide a makeup artist for scheduled shoot. though i have a solid amount  of fantastic makeup artists, i wanted to be able to do a clients makeup if there was a situation where an mua wasnt available. the experiance so far has been a lot of fun, but with time an practice, i believe i will find myself advertising myself as a makeup artist as well. here are a few iphone photos of two models i did makeup for this weekend <3