making it happen

this morning, i found this on timehop. 


instant gratification. let's start with a back story. for a long long time, i never felt like I had a talent... something that made me, well, me. no skill. my sister has always been a fantastic artist, winning many awards all her life. she is also an incredible singer. both of my brothers are very fit and athletic. I tried sports.. tore both acls and menisci. i dabbled here and there with plenty of things, personal training being one of those things. i thought that I would forever be defined as the fit one of the family. things soon changed after my knee issues got worse. apparently running 5 miles a day is terrible for your knees (sarcasm) i did it anyway. i soon picked up modeling. I did enjoy transforming my personality  into different characters but it was extremely hard to find photographers that wanted to create art. most of them wanted ass ass ass ass. i had all these idea that I wanted to shoot but no one to shoot them. so i decided that i wanted to buy a camera. 6 months later, i did. it was the best decision I've ever made. life changing. it took me quite a while to be comfortable calling myself a photographer, but i can say with full confidence that I am proud of the accomplishments i've made this last year and truly appreciate the fact that photography makes me... me!