support systems

this is probably going to be a super sappy post. whatever. i was driving home from a client meeting the other day and thought to myself 'i really wish my grandpa was here to watch me succeed and accomplish my goals'. it actually brought me to tears. growing up, my grandparents were always supporters of pretty much all my life choices. they knew i was weird, still, they accepted it... though my grandma is silently loathing my choice of hair color (currently blue, that will more than likely change soon) not once have they been unsupportive about decisions ive made for myself.  my grandpa, in particular, always made me feel like i was worth a trillion and a half bucks. he made me feel like anything was possible and that hard work really does pay off. this last year ive worked by ass off. i just wish he was here to see it. luckily, i have a great set of parents and other family members that help fill that void. i recently told my parents that i will not be going back to school next semester to pursue my career in photography. they were nothing but extremely supportive.  people who believe in me make me try THAT much harder to push myself and succeed. people who doubt me...well, they make me do the exact same thing. ;)